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Forex Range Trading

support & resistance

Take profits are placed rather close to the entry price, which results in low yields. Furthermore, because the price moves back and forth in ranging markets, traders are forced to take many trades to maximize profits. But this results in additional trading charges, limiting the bottom line. Traders can set entry orders near support and resistance, or even trade with market orders.


Learn more about both range and trend trading in our best basic article on a number of well known patterns. Buying on a dip since the market often retests the range top after the upside breakout. A trader might observe an FX pair starts to form a price channel.

Without the time variable, our famous trader from Brasil was able to focus purely on price. So, we’re going to reveal to you how to trade ranges using the Bar Range indicator MT4. As you may guess, the rest of the time the markets are directionless. A currency pair is the quotation of one currency against another.

What Is Range In Forex Trading?

It’s quite possible to achieve profit while the market is range-bound. “Trending” means sustained and continuous price movement in one primary direction. The MetaTrader4 is by far the most popular platform for forex retail traders. More than 95% of the forex brokers offer this platform on their websites. It is one of the most complete trading platforms out there with many features, indicators etc.

  • The table of the Average Daily Range for 28 currency pairs from 2014 to 2022.
  • Nicolellis need a better approach, so he decided to eliminate the time element from the price chart.
  • This creates a trading range that occurs between two parallel horizontal lines from which a range trader can take advantage of support and resistance levels.

Still, traders can make it even more effective by combining it with Oscillators, such as RSI, or Candlestick Patterns, such as Pin Bars and Double Tops/Bottoms. Pivot Points is one of the best indicators for mapping out horizontal support and resistance levels in the market. The standard Pivot Points indicator has a reference line as well as three support lines and three resistance lines . Range trading takes place when the market has no clear direction. Neither bulls nor bears are able to start a trend, and the price moves sideways. Yet, the absence of an uptrend or a downtrend is not a reason to refrain from trading.

Irregular Range

A trading range can occur on any financial instrument and on any time frame, meaning that range trading strategies are suitable for most trading styles. Range trading strategy is all about placing bets when you know the outcome courtesy of the price action. Finding out the support and resistance zones is the key to a successful range trading strategy. Learning how to counter breakouts and catch the trend or buck it when the need arises is important. Currency trading is a tough proposition for beginners but what counts is the perseverance and use of logic. Range trading emphasizes the most important aspect of trading- sticking to the golden mean or close to it, at any rate.

level of risk trading capitalizes on the fact markets fluctuate within a range during sideway trends, defined by a resistance band and support band. Range trading ignores the overall trend direction and will trade price moves between two easily defined price levels for a period of time. The only time you’ll see more range bars printed on the charts is when we have periods of higher volatility.

The Forex Range Trading Strategy Guide

While EUR/CHF has a relatively tight range of 500 pips over the year—shown in Figure 5—a pair like GBP/JPY has a far larger range, at 1800 pips—shown in Figure 6. To see the importance of this longer-term outlook, take a look at the figures below, which both use a three-simple-moving-average (three-SMA) filter. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Bridgewater State University and helps develop content strategies for financial brands.

This is more common than trading in range-bound securities, but exactly the same principles apply in both cases. The fundamental strategy involves finding support and resistance zones that are closely established and trading at these levels until the breakout inevitably occurs. An abundance of information on its exchanges makes the US dollar a better choice for Forex traders. But regardless of the currency pair, the first step to create a range-bound trading stratagem is to assess defined lines of support and resistance. Optimal currency pairs are not quickly moving, allowing traders to react to either the 2-support or resistance. Traders can enter just long before the support price and place a stop just beyond this.

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As noted at the beginning, most markets do not trend all of the time. Range trading allows traders to take advantage of these non-trending markets. It is not possible to know when a range begins or ends, and thus traders should not try to pre-empt a market, but wait until the range has been established. The straight lines represent the trading range and provide the trader with the support and resistance zones needed to provide entry points and areas for stop losses and limit orders.

Chart Art: Trend and Range Plays for the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) and Cardano (ADA/USD)

The often turns before the support/resistance so set the take profit level no more than 2/3rds of span of the range. False breaks can happen from a variety of triggers inlcuding news releases. These are sometimes a result of program trades when automated systems enter on the first response to a data release. Often though, the market has already absorbed the news prior to the release so the move “fades” as the consensus view of the market re-establishes itself. There are also some specialized tools available for automated trading. The MACD histogram line crossing downwards through the signal line indicates a sell signal.

These technical indicators are designed to track price by a mathematical calculation which causes the indicator to fluctuate around a centerline. Traders will wait for the indicator to reach an extreme as price reaches a zone of support or resistance. Then execution will occur in the event momentum turns price in the opposing direction. With a ranging market price is contained between two levels, the range support and resistance level. So, understanding these factors and their functions is quite vital for the trade.

Since the out of the financial crisis, currencies are generally split between the so called “safe haven” currencies and the “risk currencies”. The US dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc are sought in times of trouble – they are in the safe haven camp. It would be best if you exercised caution because a breakout can be false. It’s often best to analyse several candles to look for a breakout confirmation and check that the technical indicators you select confirm your decision.


Under that scenario, our range trader trading 1K units could withstand a 2,000-pip drawdown before triggering a stop loss. This flexibility allows range traders plenty of room to run their strategies. It’s not unusual to see FX trend traders double their money in a short period if they catch a strong move.

Range trading the Forex market

Resistance is the overhead range where we will look to sell a range, and support is the area where price is held up with traders looking to buy the market. Support is a price level at which demand may be strong enough to help prevent a stock or other investment from falling any further. The rationale is that as the price drops and approaches support, buyers become more inclined to buy and sellers become less willing to sell. Resistance is a price level at which supply may be strong enough to help prevent a stock or other investment from moving higher. The rationale is that as the price rises and approaches resistance, sellers become more inclined to sell and buyers become less willing to buy.

Our gain and loss percentage calculator quickly tells you the percentage of your account balance that you have won or lost. From basic trading terms to trading jargon, you can find the explanation for a long list of trading terms here. Stay on top of upcoming market-moving events with our customisable economic calendar. Online screeners are another way to filter stocks to identify those suitable. The price will either break out of the extremes, reverse at the extremes, or expand at the extremes. The fact is there is not a perfect location for the stop that will still allow an optimum position size.

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You should of course adapt money management according to your own trading style as everyone is different. Once you identify the prices at which buying and selling will take place, and when trading will stop, the decision to enter the trade can then be taken. Again, seeking risk-to-reward ratios of 1 to 1 or higher is the way out. Zones can be created through a series of short-term highs and lows and connecting these through horizontal lines.

Ll currency pairs are either trending or ranging”, and a very good range trading system is presented here. Trading with range bars works the best when we have time periods of congestions or price consolidation zones. Using range bars we eliminate a lot of the day to day market noise by smoothing the price action. In 1995, Vicente M. Nicolellis Jr., a trader from Brazil, developed an innovative technique of charting price bars. The innovation of range bars came as a solution to tackle the high volatility in his local markets in Sao Paulo.

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